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Facades & Artistic Structures

Custom commercial facades Brisbane
At TIZZONE Manufacturing, we design and produce building design elements in steel for commercial and high-end residential external or internal facades. This includes featured decorative elements, artistic structures, and custom structural supports.
We have the expertise and workshop capabilities to produce the complex and detailed steelwork required to build and fix facades on large multi-story buildings as well as deliver highly customised once-off designs.

One of our many strengths is overcoming manufacturing challenges. We design and manufacture facades for new commercial buildings like multi-story office buildings, whole city office developments, high rise apartment and retail complexes. We can also be involved in the redevelopment of older, existing buildings transforming them cosmetically.

Other structural steelwork projects we’ve been involved in include custom window frames as well as high-strength brackets to support paneling made out of other materials like Plexiglass, granite, concrete and aluminum.

Brisbane steel design

At TIZZONE Manufacturing, we are used to thinking outside of the box with a focus on creative problem solving. Our aim is to always act in integrity and professionalism with a focus on precision to ensure what we create fits in with other structural elements accurately.

Brisbane facade design

Our 3D CAD rendering service allows you to see the design upfront to guarantee that you get what you require. We have highly skilled in-house draftspersons with extensive experience and meticulous approach allowing us to not only manage but also share detailed plans/models for all stakeholders. From there, we can develop samples prior to going into full production.

Challenges, Top Design, Quality and Precision in Steel are our Strengths.
Only Your Vision Sets our Limit. Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us and Explore Your Possibilities