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Balustrades & Staircases

Balustrades & Staircases

Custom staircases and balustrades for civil, commercial, industrial and residential projects is another of our specialist areas.

At TIZZONE Manufacturing we design and produce steel staircases and balustrades with elegance and distinctive design in mind. Our designs can incorporate other elements and materials like glass, aluminum, and timber and are perfect for your commercial and high-end residential properties.

Custom Staircases

Steel Staircases are extremely strong, modular, and highly functional. Their high strength to weight ratio means architects and engineers have plenty of design freedom and are well suited for spaces with restricted space.

Our designers can also create a uniquely designed steel staircase that’ll create a bold and / or beautiful first impression. Great for foyers / entrance ways that blend both practicality and design.

3D renderings and samples help you to “see” the stairs in their space to ensure the concept meets all your requirements.

Your Custom Staircase is a Call Away

Manufactured to meet The Australian standard, we create a wide range of staircase layouts:

  • Switchback Stairs
  • Right Angle Stairs
  • Straight Stairs
  • Plinth-Based Stairs
  • Curved Stairs
  • Splayed Flight Stairs
  • Spiral Stairs And More
Custom designed steel stairs

Custom Steel Balustrades

In addition to custom steel stairs, we also design and produce balustrades for high-end residential, commercial offices, shopping centers, industrial premises and more.

Balustrades are a legal requirement that any structure, building edge or stair that is one meter or higher above the ground needs a balustrade. (Source: Australian Building Standards) – So why not make them attractive in addition to being a much needed safety feature.

We design and fabricate balustrades in a range of different configurations based on your requirements and style preferences. The possibilities are endless and we can incorporate other materials like timber and glass to add to the overall aesthetic finish of your design:

  • Steel Plate Balustrades
  • Steel Picket Balustrades
  • Glazed Frameless Designs
  • Perforated Metal Options
  • Timber Plate Or
  • Batten Screen Balustrades
  • Mesh
  • High Load Balustrades
Custom Steel Balustrades Brisbane

Beautiful Balustrades That Bring Your Space to Life!