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Steel Fabrication And Advanced Structural Design Specialist

TIZZONE Manufacturing

Our team are highly skilled and experienced in solving challenging design projects that many steel fab companies simply won’t approach. Our scope extends from concept consultation, 3D CAD Design and structuring welding to steel fabrication and assembly and delivery.

Predominantly, we offer our services throughout Brisbane and greater South East Queensland and are available for your larger projects throughout Australia that require a more specialist approach.

Brisbane steel fabrication
Custom steel fabrication Brisbane

We offer a full manufacturing service; including sourcing components, project management and coordination with other providers and material suppliers. We deliver a large range of quality, timely and cost-effective solutions through a single point of contact, saving you time, money, and stress. We happily liaise with external suppliers to ensure that everything we design and manufacture fits in with other structural elements to ensure precision.

Our Services

Facades & Artistic Structures
Construction Supports, Site Ramps & Aids
High Strength Brackets
Concrete Casting Moulds
Balustrades & Staircases
Custom Steel Gates

We have extensive experience working with local and international civil engineering and construction companies on commercial building projects, inner city developments, utilities and infrastructure projects. Our service provision also includes prestigious residential and accommodation constructions throughout the Country.

True Experts In Steel Fabrication

Our industry experience, proven attention to detail, precision, innovation, efficiency, state of the art manufacturing processes and equipment, plus our highly skilled team ensures top quality and design as well as great cost-effective results.

3D Design

3D Cad Renderings ensures accuracy. As our client it’s important to “see” your design concept before it comes to reality to make sure you get what you want. We can create samples where we will adjust the design until it is perfect.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are a Proudly Australian Owned business who focuses on maintaining local jobs and keeping manufacturing in Queensland. We are dedicated to work and collaborate with other local Specialists, or your Contractors. It is our good relationship with all these complimentary service providers which sets us apart.

Quality Assured

QBCC Registered, we are highly invested in delivering high quality standards. We use NDT (non-destructive testing) as well as other internal and third-party quality assurance audits and measures to ensure nothing but the best outcomes.

Thinking Outside of the Box and Creative Problem Solving Skills are our Strengths.
Don’t hesitate to Contact us to find the Optimal Solution in Steel for YOU!

Workshop, Workflows & Certifications

In addition to our high-precision 3D designs, our workshop is fully equipped with an extensive range of specialised tools and machinery to ensure the highest quality in every project. Our advanced equipment includes top of the line welding machines, Siegmund welding tables and a UR10 Cobot. With these tools and our team experience, we are well prepared to meet a wide range of fabrication and manufacturing needs, delivering superior results with every project.

As part of our full-service project management, we arrange everything from design, 3D modeling, cutting, break pressing and folding, galvanizing, powder coating plus hardware including fasteners, cabling, glass and/or timber components. We even take care of freight and delivery. This makes us unique and provides you with an easy-to-manage single-point of contact.

We Stand For High Values In Quality, Design & Service In Steel

Structural steel welding and design

QBCC Registered

For your peace of mind, we are QBCC Registered. We also use highly accredited testing, for general weld inspections, audits and testing of full penetration welds to ensure our outputs match Australian and international standards. Each TIZZONE Manufacturing welding employee is Performance-Assessed to ensure they are competent and exceed The Australian standard.

A Family Tradition

Owner and Director Davide Tizzone was born and raised in Italy. A third generation welding and metal fabrication specialist, Davide’s passion was instilled from a young age, playing in the workshop, observing his father at work and eventually taking over the family business in 2011 when his Father retired.

Moving to Australia in 2015, Davide had his trade skills formally recognised and gained valuable work experience while observing market trends and customer demands. Following his passion and the footsteps of his father, he commenced his own successful business in November 2018 starting with custom steel windows and doors and growing to larger structural steel projects and developments.

Now called TIZZONE Manufacturing, Davide with the help of Jon (TIZZONE’s General Manager) have grown the team and are now considered true specialists in the design and manufacturing of constructional steel, including those challenging projects others tend to avoid.

Design and Manufacture Structural Steel Products
That Exceed Your Expectations in Quality, Service, and Design